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This is my happening, and it freaks me out!

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10 August 1964
This is my little mini-bio.

It is MY little mini-bio, not yours, so in it I can talk about me. Me me me me me.

I am way too cool to give people information about me other than the fact that I like redheads in corsets, funny books, sleeping, pie and movies with either explosions or monkeys. In fact, my ultimate perfect day would be watching a movie where a monkey caused an explosion based on a comic book while eating pie, sitting next to a redhead in a corset and taking a nap. Or, as I like to call it, Wednesday.

You can read my journal if you would like. Or not. It's not like I can make you do anything. If I could, do you think you would have any money left in your savings account?

And now I can get back to what I do best:

Drinking myself to death like F. Scott Fitzgerald, Wally Wood and Nicholas Cage in "Leaving Las Vegas".
adbusters, aimee mann, alan moore, alyson hannigan, andrew vachss, asylum on 5th street, barbelith, bartcop, being alone, being the next pope, bill hicks, blondie, boston legal, brian michael bendis, buffy the vampire slayer, buster keaton, camden benares, chaos magick, cheese, cnn, comix, concrete blonde, console rpgs, conversatron, corsets, cory4pope, crime fiction, csi, cult movies, dali, david lynch, dawn of the dead, director's cuts, dj shadow, doc savage, don mcgregor, donnie darko, doom patrol, dramacore, ecw, ed wood, elvis costello, fiction, fidget!, film noir, final fantasy, final fantasy x, fmw, fog, george romero, gloomcookie, grandia, grant morrison, grendel, groucho marx, grunge, hepsex, horror hosts, horror incorporated, horror movies, invisibles, iron chef, j. m. dematteis, james spader, jesus christ vampire hunter, jethro tull, kenneth grant, kill bill, killing joke, kit fisto, lady heather, lewis black, liberal libertarianism, los straightjackets, lovelines, luke ski, madness, mage, magic user's club, mark evanier, mena suvari, michael moore, mindy clarke, morgan webb, movies, msnbc, mst3k, naked washing machine boy, nanowrimo, naomi klien, national lampoon, new wave, nicknames, orson welles, peter sellers, pie, political humor, pulp fiction, radiohead, ramones, redheads, redheads in corsets, redheads in fishnet stockings, reel big fish, robert anton wilson, rush, sam kinneson, save ferris, silent movies, ska, solitairerose.com, special edition dvds, stuff, superstring theory, tasteless humor, the cars, the elegant universe, the marx brothers, the maxx, they might be giants, thomas paine, tom servo, twin peaks, vengence, visual magick, weightlifting, william shatner, willow rosenberg, writing, x-box, zatanna, zette sullivan, zombies

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