RoseSeule (roseseule) wrote,

What kind of year it has been

The end of the year is a good time to reflect, and as I look over the year, these are the things I think of:

I moved back to the business world for employment after a couple of years hiding out in social services. Still a temp.
My on-line pal Bartcop finally lost his fight with cancer. I miss him a lot even after 10 months.
A family member passed around the same time
My two podcasts grew in popularity and I think we got better as the year went on. The one I do with Joe hit its 150th episode, which is pretty damn impressive. I calculate I generated about 100 hours of podcast content this year, which is something I am proud of.
2 XGFs came back into my life, surprisingly. One has already exited once I figured out what she wanted from me, the other constantly surprises me by how well she knows me and just wanted my friendship.
Learned I have no patience any more for people with an agenda if they don’t admit they have an agenda.
I made it down to visit my parents twice, once for their 50th wedding anniversary and once for Thanksgiving. It’s always good to see them, and I wish I could visit more often. Maybe the job situation will resolve this year (and I’m not a temp any more).
Had one of those birthdays that ends in a 0. Did some fun stuff that day and didn’t feel as bad about it as I have seen other people feel when they have the same thing happen.
Did not get to talk to my closest friend as much as I would like, but as she is travelling the world, doing incredible things and generally being awesome, I always enjoy when she catches me up on her travels.
My son lived with me the whole year for the first time since he was in high school. He’s grown up to be a decent, moral human being and that’s pretty damn cool.
A local friend who was big in the Twin Cities comics community passed away, and his loss was a big one.
A friend I hadn’t seen in over 12 years resurfaced and reconnected. And it was something that really touched me, as over time you forget how much you miss someone.
My blood pressure is still too high, but I’m working on bringing it down. Guess that’s my life now, right?
Read some great books, watched some great TV, saw some great movies, had great nights with friends and listening to some incredible podcasts and music.
Only had one time when my car broke down, giving me massive panic attacks. I have panic attacks when my car breaks down. Long story.
Nothing horrible happened over the Christmas season. That’s all I ask from it any more.
I entered NaNoWriMo this year, and did NOT complete for the first time ever. I don’t feel bad about it, and am slowly working on finishing the novel, but November was just too busy. What with two jobs, family visit and two podcasts….
Saw some forward momentum on my comic strip project (Hi, Dan!)
Started work on a third podcast that may see the light of day in 2015. Nothing like the two I do. That’s a teaser.
Reconnected with my gaming group, a good thing.
Worked during the daytime, which was good after two years of overnights.
Retained my title as The Best Dressed Man In Comics. Take That!
Laughed a lot.
Cried a lot.
Ate a bit too much, didn’t exercise enough and figured with all I am doing, that’s OK.
Got to today wiser, doing a bit better, missing some people more and still of the opinion that every day above ground is a good one.
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